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A few years ago in a Club in Berlin, Germany, I found my passion for Tech-house and being a DJ. On that night, I was incredibly inspired by watching a Djane, who clearly loved not only the music but creating an energetic and fun atmosphere. Her passion inspired me to get my first DJ mixer, which I got of a friend of mine. Considering my 12 years experience in playing the piano, I already had a good feel for music and only continued developing that through learning more about being a DJ. It was always important to me to work with “happy beats”, to create a positive vibe, which lets people escape their daily worries for a night. 

My first experience playing in Clubs was through “Harbour”, now known as “Kopflos”. Those gigs fuelled my passion for Tech-house, as well as creating a carefree atmosphere for my audience and sharing my love for the music with them. Since then I have played in Clubs like; “Lucerne Südpol”, “Rok”, “Weisses Schaf”, “Casineum”. I have also had gigs at day dances like “Tech im Schnee” or played at business events (Hairdressers, etc.). Due to Covid-19 I also experienced playing a live stream event at “Gate 54”.

I hope to expand on my DJ experiences nationally as well as internationally and share my passion with as many people as possible, bring them the best nights full of feelings of freedom, joy and great music. 

Let's rave