Flo Le Fortis


Melodic Techno



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"The pursuit of perfection" - that is probably the best description for Flo le Fortis. Flo, a native of beautiful Lucerne, first launched his career by being a part of a small Techno Collective. After a few years he became a role of the Kopflos Agency. this residency allows him the opportunity to test drive new music along with a huge springboard for his DJ career. With his melodic sounds, spherical effects and rousing basslines, Flo immediately creates a hypnotizing atmosphere on the dance floor.  These special moments and emotions embody the musical vision of Flo 1:1, which gave him a growing and loyal fan base. His experience and sensitivity consolidate his reputation as a DJ, producer and artist with style and creativity. Discover new spheres when Flo's alter ego strives for your desires and takes you on a long and dreamy journey.

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